Blast your way to fast, effective protection against corrosion

Use the Brühl Dryer after every wash to banish moisture-related damage, boost appearance and prolong the life of your vehicle

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Eradicates potential corrosion in hard to reach areas.

Easily and quickly dries wheels, rims and brake rotors.

Perfect for the speedo/dash area & electrical switches.

They stop corrosion-accelerating moisture sitting in nookes and crannies.

Chris Dabbs, Motorcycle News

The power from it
with both turbines is insane. It easily dispersed the water being held in the gaps in my radiator, in all of the nooks and crannies of the engine, around the brake callipers and rear shock. There was warmth too which I’d been worried about since the 2800 doesn’t have the separate heater but it was plenty warm to do the job.

D. Falsey

The dryer with a heater is brilliant at thoroughly drying out freshly washed bikes.

Andy Downes, Motorcycle News

For classics or naked bikes, especially at this time of year, it's a great asset.

Matt Hull, Classic Bike Guide