How does it work?

In a range of power outputs to suit your needs, the Brühl Dryer is your secret weapon, helping to clean, protect and prolong the life of your motorbike, car, bicycle, jet ski, trailer or caravan.

Regular washing inevitably leaves pockets of moisture trapped in nooks and crannies, which will eventually lead to corrosion.

This is where the Brühl Dryer comes to the rescue, eliminating the potential for moisture-related damage and banishing water spots.

Safe and easy to use, our world-leading range of Brühl Dryers have been designed specifically for use on motorbikes, cars, bicycles, jet skis, trailers and caravans, and come with:

  • Air intake filters to prevent any environmental debris mixing with the blasted air.
  • A protective RCD for safe operation in moist environments.

    View the full Brühl motorcycle and car dryer range:

    What is the difference between the dryers?

    The MD1400 Brühl Dryer is a fantastic, cost-effective, single turbine dryer for items that require a light to moderate blast. It’s perfect for your bicycle or a small to medium sized motorbike.

    The MD1900+ Brühl Dryer is similar to the MD1400, but with the added benefit of an additional 500W heat element, which heats up the air as it is blasted through the turbine. It’s the ideal dryer for a medium to large motorcycle or car.

    The twin turbine MD2800PRO Brühl Dryer packs double the air blast of the MD1400, and the combined power of both turbines working side by side means the air jetting out of the dryer’s hose is naturally heated. This powerful dryer is ideal for a larger motorcycle, car, caravan or trailer.

    Whatever your machine, a Brühl Dryer will blast out moisture and protect against corrosion.

    What comes with each dryer?

    A Bruhl Dryer comes with a set of three nozzles. When you unpack your dryer, please look in the left or right polystyrene packaging section for the nozzles - they are packaged within the outside of the polystyrene section. Each nozzle features a differently shaped nozzle end, allowing you to choose which best suits your drying requirements. 

    Replacement nozzles are also available for order on this website.